The Zenie Foundation Application Process
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the funding is exhausted.  Pay close
attention to the website for funding cycle updates.
 Please email application to

For scholarship consideration please submit a written request in narrative form to

  • Reasons why you believe you should receive a Zenie Foundation Scholarship
  • Educational institution of choice and why
  • Course of study and why
  • Career goals and why
  • Financial assistance requested and detail of all other financial assistance
  • Projected budget for requested school year including all funding sources
    (personal, family and outside)
  • High school transcript, college if applicable (official)
  • Three references (employment or school related) with contact information and
    permission to contact

A reminder: the application letter should reflect thoughtful content and effective
communication skills.  This content is considered when trustees evaluate applicants.
Generally, we ask to personally interview applicants before final selection.

For questions, please contact:
Return to:
The Zenie Foundation funding cycle is closed for 2012.
We encourage students to submit 2013 applications beginning in September 2012.