StreetSmart Entrepreneuring

With 25 years as an entrepreneurial CEO, followed by 10 years as an
entrepreneurial coach, I have a lot of experience and insights to share with
future entrepreneurs - and I mean
real-world entrepreneurship - at least
my version.  How do I propose doing this?  My book,
(SSE), highlights the key lessons from my operating and
coaching career.  It also provides a rich source of material for seminars and
workshops.  When I taught entrepreneurship at the MIT Sloan School during
1999 through 2001, I found that my perspective worked best for:

  1. Graduate students, either business or engineering
  2. MIT’s executive education participants
  3. Working entrepreneurs coping with uncertainty and new challenges.

I have effectively coached a number of entrepreneurial CEOs in a wide-range
of businesses.  In addition, I’ve presented entrepreneurial lectures at a
number of leading universities throughout the United States.

I am offering my help to universities and non-profits at no cost – I will charge a
consulting fee to tailor my message to private companies.  To minimize my
travel expenses, I’ll focus on the speaking engagements in the southeast
during winter and spring and the northeast during the summer and fall.

I see a range of possible speaking formats.  Clearly, I could lead an interactive
seminar, from one to four hours in length, around an entrepreneurial overview
or, highly focused on a few critical topics.  Even more exciting would be a one
or two day workshop combining presentation, interactive Q&A and individual
conferences with entrepreneurs or student projects.  I’d prefer to spend a
longer timeframe to leverage my travel time and expense.

Please contact me for further information or to explore ways I can contribute to
your entrepreneurial initiatives.

Frank Zenie -