StreetSmart Entrepreneuring

Table of Contents
Getting Ready
Are You Ready?
    Guiding Principles
    What is an Entrepreneur?
    Are You an Entrepreneur?
    First Things First - Vision
    Entrepreneurial Strategies
    Markets Don't Exist - Only Customers
    Big Companies - Entrepreneurs Best Friends
    Understanding Risks vs. Rewards
    Planning Your Start-up Business
    Product, Process and Branding Innovation - Pick One or More
Please Read Entrepreneurial SnapShots (ESS) Here [Appendix A]
Get Set
    Guiding Principles
    Start With Culture - The Entrepreneurial Foundation
    Goals - Entrepreneurs as Overachievers
    Leadership - Building Your Team
    Begin Thinking Like Your Customers
    Product/Market Strategies
    Entrepreneurs as Salesmen
    Get a Coach
    Lawyers - Keep Looking Until You Find a Legal Partner
    OK, Maybe We Need Some Money -
    Financing Your Business
    Your Business Plan
    Entrepreneurial Budgets
    Building Your Board and My Message to Them
    Guiding Principles
    Get on to the Field of Play - Fast
    Entrepreneurial Leadership 101 - Some Basics
    Lead Your People - Manage Your Business
    Entrepreneurial HR - Beware of the HR Professional
    Entrepreneurial Leadership - Traps
    Entrepreneurial Decision Dilemma -
    Responsible Decisiveness
    Entrepreneurial Leadership - Communications
    Entrepreneurial Compensation - Culture in Action
    Product Development Projects
    Intellectual Property - MP (Market Power) Trumps IP
    Selling and Marketing Your Products and Services
    Final Thoughts -
    Reinvent Yourself Before Someone Obsoletes You
Appendix A - Entrepreneurial SnapShots (ESS)
    ESS #1 - Water Corporation
    ESS #2 - Zymark Corporation
    ESS #3 - VelQuest Corporation
    ESS #4 - SmartPak LLC
    ESS #5 - Sensors for Medicine nd Science (SMSI)
    ESS #6 - Process Packaging & Control (PPC)
    ESS #7 - Rico Lingerie
Appendix B - A Brief Zymark History - The Early Days
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